Supreme Disposable Vape Devices

Supreme Disposable Vape : On this page, you will find Supreme Max devices that are offered in three Nicotine strains. 5%, 2% and Zero% Nic. 

Five, Two, and Zero Nic - Supreme Vapes

Feel the Taste with Supreme Max Vape

Supreme Max is a 2000 Hits disposable vape pen that promises to take your pleasure to a greater stage. Enjoy the amazing taste and smoothness of the flavors with these Supreme Max devices that have different nicotine strengths of Zero, two, and five percent. Place your order today, we ship to all USA states. Here is a link for each device – 

Supreme Max 5% Nicotine  |  Supreme Max 0% Nicotine    |    Supreme Max Zero 0% Nicotine

Age Warning : You must be 21 Yrs to Purchase.